Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello to Life

I have been given major thoughts on living lately and I find I enjoy the little things more than the big things. Going to be having a garage sale and getting rid of a lot of things that are no longer needed or haven't been used in over a year. Things have begun to clutter my life and I want a much simpler way of living. Even the tiny flowers on my confederate jasmin have brought me joy with their wonderful fragrance. Of course I have friends who suffer from hay fever, so they can't even go near them without sneezing.

Well we had an emergency and had to use the money for my craft room and we are lucky we had it saved. It has been raining in one room in the back of our house and a new roof on the section was needed, so the room is on the back burner. I did cry, but was happy we didn't have to borrow money to do it. My friend has been helping me and Al a lot lately, so we have been paying him to help in the back yard. We had some rotted eaves that have to be replaced and our insurance company is going to drop us. Our agent said if the work is done soon, they may consider reinstating our insurance. I cried like a big baby because we went out to get new insurance and it is going to run over $1,000 more a year and that's a pain where it doesn't need to hurt, if you catch my drift.

Since I will be downsizing, my existing room may be big enough to house all my cubes in the old craft room, so that will make me happy. As long as I have a place to work( not the dining room table again) I will be fine until we save up enough again to build the room of my dreams. Dreams should never be pushed aside, so I will keep on dreaming if it's the last thing I do.

My oldest son, Donnie, is in France right now and having the time of his life. He called Friday before he left the airport to say bye, he always does that, then he called from France to say he had made the trip safely and was already out taking in the sites. He plans on going to London in the fall and is already planning that trip. I am happy for my young globe trotter. There is so much of the world he wants to see. I have a niece who lives in England, so hoping they can meet.

Well, the heat is on over in the south here and although I am happy winter is over, I wish spring would last longer for us, but 89degrees is not my kind of weather. I do hope you all are doing well. I go for my mammogram this week and as always, I worry for nothing. Yes, I am a worry wart and worry about everyone and everything and haven't learned to just let go. See you later. Love and hugs, Pat


Connie said...

I feel for ya, sugar, cuz I know how that can be. However, we've had an enormous amount of tithing blessings lately and for that I'm grateful. I don't know how we'd live if we didn't pay a full tithe. Money just keeps coming in!

Take good care of yourself. I'm giving up my craft room for other things also and trust me, it really isn't so bad.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Sorry for your unexpected expenses, but you are very smart to save back. We try but it is easier said than done! I'll be praying for wonderful results for you on your mammogram! Have a wonderful week, my friend!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Connie and Steph, thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy getting news from others and it's a joy to know that you both care.
Not sure if I want to give up my craft room yet. I still want to craft when Al puts the shingles on the old one and I won't have to worry about rain ruining my cubes. It will be big enough to craft for now and I will use my bedroom extenstion for storage until next year, unless a financial miracle happens. Love and hugs, Pat